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Returns/Refunds Policy

Due to the nature of DeliSwift's service, we are unable to offer returns/exchanges on all products.

We do, however, offer either partial or full refunds for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

1. Incorrect or faulty products, or products past their date of expiration at the time of delivery.

2. Orders delivered later than estimated arrival time may receive a refund for our delivery fee of $1.95.

3. For items that require an age verification that are unable to be verified by the customer. A $5 restocking will apply upon submitting this refund.

Refunds are always processed to the original payment method and generally received within 5-10 business days of request, but may take longer during busier periods.

To request a refund, please reach out to our Customer Service department by tapping Support on the orders page or by filling out our Contact Form.

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